Plumbing Maintenance Tamworth

Your Local Tamworth Plumbing Repair Expert

Flooding, water leaks or sewerage smells wafting from your bathroom? It sounds like a job for ACS Plumbing. One quick call and our Tamworth plumbers will be on the road to fix your issues. What are you waiting for? Call us now! 

We’re also available for:

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Renovating or installing a new kitchen or bathroom? We can install or relocate pipes, so your space is designed the way you want it.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections

Thinking of purchasing a home or investment property? Call us to schedule a time for us to carry out an onsite inspection. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the plumbing and let you know if it is in good condition.

Backflow Prevention, Testing & Certification

Avoid hazardous backflow from entering your plumbing system. Our plumbers will inspect, test and certify that your water is safe for bathing, cooking, cleaning and drinking. Backflow tests can only be carried out by authorised testers like our licensed plumbers at ACS.

Sewer Repairs

Our plumbers are experienced in troubleshooting drain and sewer blockages. We use the latest technology to dislodge obstructions and repair damage to the underground structure.