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Frequently asked questions

Has your water bill recently spiked despite no changes to your water usage? This is often a sign that there is a leaking pipe, drain or tap that could be located in the walls or underground. Sometimes, these leaks can be undetected for some time, which can lead to skyrocketing bills and damage to your building.

Firstly, ask yourself if you have recently had guests in your home, filled a swimming pool or perhaps used more water because of a change in the weather (heading into summer, for example). If this does not explain the spike in your bill, there might be an issue.

The first step is to check for obvious leaks. Running or broken toilets are a leading culprit, along with leaking fixtures like taps and showerheads. If you have an irrigation system, inspect all the lines for any leaks while it is not running.

Finally, look for any seeping water or pools in your yard, gardens and around concrete slabs. These could indicate an underground leak. Call ACS Plumbing and we can use our CCTV technology to locate these leaks and use water jetting and pipe relining to repair any damage without the need to dig up your yard.

It may be necessary to hire licensed and qualified tradespeople to complete some kitchen renovation tasks that you cannot do on your own. Carpenters, tilers, electricians and plumbers are among these trades. Making these tradespeople available in advance is critical, so your project won’t stall.

Although it may be tempting to install a few plumbing fixtures around the house as part of your renovation, plumbing is a licensed trade. Only a licensed plumber should do plumbing work.

A gas leak is extremely serious as it can cause health problems that can be fatal. A leak also creates a fire and explosion hazard, so it is vital to have any gas issues rectified ASAP. Signs you may have a gas leak include:

  • The smell of rotten eggs
  • A hissing sound
  • Unusually high gas bills
  • White mist or moving dust
  • Gas flames with yellow, orange, or red colours
  • Soot or scorching at an unusual place on the gas appliance
  • The pilot light continually goes out
  • Dried and wilted plants

Always call a licenced and certified plumber for any repairs and maintenance on your gas lines and appliances for your safety.

Building contractors and tradespersons should have valid contractor licences if they provide services such as residential construction, plumbing, drainage, gas fitting, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Licenses can be checked online. If you don’t find it, get in touch with NSW Fair Trading to verify whether the person has a contractor’s licence. Contractors are required by law to display their license number on all advertising, stationery, and signage as well.