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LPG Or Natural Gas Services From Our Tamworth Gas Fitters

Ensure all your gas services and appliances are certified by an experienced and licensed gasfitter. ACS Plumbing can provide complete installations and maintenance for homeowners, commercial premises and hotels throughout Tamworth. 

We can undertake:

Should you smell gas, this is an emergency. Please call our team on 0408 614 531.

Gas Appliance Installation

Have you just got yourself a brand-new gas appliance and need a trained engineer to install it? You’ve come to the right place. Here at ACS Plumbing Tamworth, our team of professionals can get your appliance up and ready to go.

When it comes to installing new gas appliances, it’s crucial to rely on a skilled professional. Gas appliances need to be connected to the mains gas supply safely, securely, and legally. Make sure yours is done right with an ACS Plumbing Tamworth expert.

Gas Pipeline Leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a gas leak?

Gas leaks are the cause of massive amounts of damage every year. For the safety of you, your family, and your home, it’s vital to know what the signs are of a gas leak.

The Six Main Warning Signs Are:

  • Hearing a hissing sound of gas escaping, even when appliances are turned off.
  • A smell like rotten eggs. While natural gas doesn’t normally smell like anything, gas companies add synthetic scents to gas to make it easier for home and business owners to detect a leak.
  • An increase in gas usage may be noticeable on your meter or bills. This could indicate a leak somewhere on the property.
  • Dead or dying plants around the property, especially if the plants are being taken care of otherwise. Natural gas prevents plants from absorbing oxygen and causes them to wilt.
  • Air bubbles in standing water of puddles or mud around your property could be an indication of gas bubbling through the soil.
  • Feeling ill or experiencing other symptoms of natural gas poisoning. These may include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irregular breathing, and nausea.

Is natural gas better than LPG?

Generally, natural gas is the preferred choice over LPG. This is because it burns at a much higher efficiency, burns cleaner, and is more affordable. This makes it a great choice for both homeowners and business owners.

Furthermore, when you use natural gas, it is channelled constantly to your property via pipelines in the grid so you don’t need to worry about ordering regular delivers.

I would like to change my electric stove to gas, is it easy to do?

If you’ve decided to convert from an electric stove to a gas one then you’ll need a licensed plumber and electrician.

They will need to change the electrical outlet that is currently wired into the stove to just under half its voltage. Then the plumber will connect the stove to the gas lines.

It’s very simple but requires licensed professionals for a safe job.